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1 July 2007:

The web site has gotten an overhaul. i found a nice layout template called "Fresh Air" over on and adapted it for this site. Thanks to Daniel Siegel for the tip.

30 June 2007:

The past week i've been porting the libs11n source tree to toc2 to iron out the wrinkles. The past two days i've been working with Daniel Siegel to port his Cheese project to toc2. So far he is happy with the results. :) No, it didn't really take us two days of work to get it working, but we've been communicating back and forth the past two days as he offers suggestions and asks questions. It's been very productive for toc2's development, in any case.

In the next week or so i will post the first release tarball of toc2. As has always been the case with toc, we probably won't make many official releases, but the Subversion copy is likely to be more or less constantly tweaked.

15 June 2007:

The web site has been still for a couple of years, but toc has nonetheless undergone steady improvements through its use in many projects trees, mainly the various sub-projects of

After undertaking a fork of the "Managing Projects with GNU Make" book, i decided to rewrite toc to use some of the ideas presented in the book. That rewrite, called toc2, is nearly complete and will be uploaded after it is tested on a couple of my projects.