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The toc2 manual is maintained in OpenDocument format and is constantly in a state of maintenance. The latest copy can always be pulled from Subversion:
svn co toc2-doc
But be aware that the manual's text applies to the state of toc2 which lives in Subversion at that time (give or take a day or three). That is, if you download a copy of toc2 and get the manual two weeks later, the manual may or may not still apply to the copy of toc2 you are working with. Because of this, a copy of the manual ships in the toc2 source tree distributions, under toc2/doc/, and the copy which ships with each release of toc2 should be considered "the" manual for that specific release.

Because the manual quickly gets stale, it is not available for direct download here, so as to avoid misleading anyone.

We do not publish HTML copies of the manual because bugs in OpenOffice's HTML export feature keep the resulting document from being usable.